Digital Labor™ Actionable Leads.

Sailebots reduce manual labor by performing digital tasks that generate leads and revenue opportunities.


Saile Uses Proprietary, Patent Pending, Personality-Driven Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Actionable Leads with Meeting-Seeking Prospects, Hands-Free.

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How it works

Sailebots™ are custom-built AI that multiply business development opportunities with approved prospects, using unique personalities and a pre-determined ROI.

Sailebots are paid only for performance.

Personality-Driven AI

Every Sales Executive is unique. Saile programs unique personality traits into every Sailebot™ so companies gain efficiency with AI, without losing character. Personalities are hypothetical or virtual extensions of your Sales Executives.

Next-Gen AI + Communication
(Intelligence Beyond Email)

Sailebots™ use next generation email, advanced AI and other digital communication to engage prospects in a back and forth dialogue – simultaneously – until they agree to a meeting, RFP, or reach an appropriate stage for delivery to human sales executives. Communications and delivery happen in real-time, across all approved prospects.

Only Perfect Prospects


Sailebots™ navigate org-charts and pursue defined decision makers at perfect prospects approved by you.

Target titles, functions and responsibilities are pre-determined. Data is hand-curated in small batches, never purchased.

Pre-Defined ROI

Sailebots are only paid for their results.

A pre-defined ROI sets expectations for a successful campaign based on metrics you already use today.