Intelligent Tasks

Digital Labor™

Sailebots® are personality-driven robots that find and interact with prospects beyond the first touch.  From “call me next Friday” to “please reach out to John,” A Sailebot®  uses patent-pending AI, NLU, and next-gen email to engage, understand and drive meetings.

Actionable Leads

Guaranteed. Hands-Free.

Using advanced algorithms, personality-driven Artificial Intelligence, and next-gen email, Sailebots® perform Digital Labor™ tasks to deliver Actionable revenue Opportunities in real time.


Uniquely Yours

Ideal companies, decision-makers and your personality profile are defined and programmable inputs for your Sailebot®.


Approval Required

Saile®’s research team curates prospect lists, while copywriters shape personality and content. Both are shared for your approval.


Elasticity™ Algorithm

Sailebot® is deployed with Elasticity,™ to navigate Target Accounts, hands-free.


Actionable Opportunities™

Once prospects engage, your Sailebot® reads and reacts intelligently. Actionable Opportunities™ are delivered directly to email and the Sailebot® mobile app.