About Us

Saile®, Inc. was founded to reimagine prospecting by helping sales leaders spend less time searching and more time selling.

With Digital Labor™, our patent-pending Sailebots® reduce manual prospecting by millions of tasks every year, while increasing revenue opportunities. Currently, Sailebots deploy in multiple languages across 29 countries and offer sales leaders the ability to automate their entire prospecting lifecycle, including finding contacts, setting meetings, cleansing data, and reading and summarizing prospective company reports and documents.

Saile’s mission is to empower and elevate the world’s leading sales executives by eliminating repetitive, manual prospecting tasks in favor of high-value, high-return sales activities.

We believe that Artificial Intelligence and Digital Labor support Sales teams by unleashing their capacity for authentic, creative and higher-IQ activities like customizing solutions, building relationships and closing business.

We favor strategic selling over gimmicks and tactics

We believe that every salesperson deserves a robot: A Sailebot, custom-built to their personality and prospecting strategy

meet our team

Saile, Inc. is headquartered in Kansas City, MO with employees across the United States and world, and our Sailebots are headquartered in the cloud. The average Saile employee has three robots at their disposal.

meet us
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